Doug & Best Buddies

About CR

For over 40 years we have had the privilege to experience first hand the Rottweiler character of striking physical presence, intelligence, loyalty and personal companionship of amazing Rottweilers from international pedigrees. This has also afforded opportunity to meet many significant, wonderful people of the Rottweiler world.

We have been steadfast in our experience with these magnificant dogs whether in the German style show ring or as companions as our house dogs. Some have graced both arenas. Adelheit Harr Von Bronstein, our first Rottweiler house dog, call name ‘Addie’, began our affection for the breed, not knowing the wonderful journey this would begin.

 Obviously some lived out their lives and are no longer here but hold special meaning from their memorable presence. We remember what they accomplished. Those gone are still spoken of with fondness.

We proudly offer stellar litters from selected bloodlines and exceptional pedigrees.  Our Rottweilers have been recognized in the German style confirmation arena, show rings, and Schutzhund competitions.